Our Story

Our story started back in 1970 when our Father Gord Brown, started GB Enterprises. The company name subsequently changed when our Grandfather Cecil Krieger passed away. Our Dad changed the name of the company GBK Financial Inc. (Gord Brown- Gail Krieger) in memory of his father-in-law.

Tim was the first to join his Dad back in 2004. Brothers Jeff, Matthew and Jamey join the family business between 2007 and 2010. Wayne was asked to join as a Partner by Tim and Gord back in 2009. Bryan was the most recent addition to team and started with us in 2013. Our Mother Gail can be quoted as saying, I now have six Sons.

This homepage is dedicated to our “Father, Founder and Friend”, who sadly passed away on December 1, 2013. One of Gord’s favorite things were lighthouses. He liked what they stood for and reminded him of the hope we give to people. The link below is a song titled “My Lighthouse” by Rend Collective. This song really reminds us of Dad!

Sincerely, “The GBK Family”

As you navigate through our website site, you will get to know who we really are and obtain a comfort level of who you are dealing with. As an example, all the photography on this site was taken by Tim’s wife Carmen Brown.

In such a fast paced world, the values of the personal touch, meeting one-on-one and communicating over the phone are unique – but that’s the way we do business. However, if your life is too busy, we have all the leading edge technologies to communicate and work with you remotely, with never having to ever get together – although we will miss meeting you in person.

We are not a “Corporate Company” but we feel strongly about our structure and our processes. We have to! It’s the largest financial decision that you will make and our clients depend on us for everything to go smoothly and without any issues.

We offer industry-lending solutions that are tailored to your individual needs. From Home Purchases to Debt Consolidations, we can do it all!

You will find dealing with us to be a refreshing change. We believe in honesty and transparency in everything that we do and are always here to help. We are respectful of your situation, whether you have perfect credit or no credit. We never judge!

At the bottom of the page we have included some friends and organizations that we support and trust.

GBK Financial – “Your Family Mortgage Company” TM

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