Our Process

Whether you have great or poor credit, we can help create a plan for you. To us, it is more than just a mortgage. Within our process, we feel accountable to make sure you are protected with insurance, help you rebuild your credit, encourage and start growing your asset. We have created a simple but unique PROCESS that focuses on moving you forward in the following four points:


Our goal is to present you with multiple options. If approved, each option will create monthly savings and lower your overall interest rates. We will also put together a plan that will benefit you today and for tomorrow as well.


After the debt solution is in place, part of our process is to ensure that your family is protected with proper insurance. We will refer you to our network of professionals that may be able to help you with wills, power of attorney and even insurance concerns.


Helping to rebuild your credit is essential and is what makes us different. We will help you repair existing bad credit, reestablish new credit and coach you on how to increase your credit score. Creating and maintaining a healthy credit score will allow us to obtain prime rates at financial institutions.


Before we even close your mortgage we will have a good idea of how much cash flow we are able to create. With that in mind we encourage and will help you plan to GROW your assets, plus try and find you alternate savings. (car, TV, cable, insurance, etc.)

It doesn’t matter how poor your credit might be, nor how much difficulty you are facing.  We will always treat you with respect and care.

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