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Who is in charge : You or Your Debt?

The credit card bills are piling up and you are feeling overwhelmed by your debt. You may have a fear of answering the phone because collectors are calling. Your bank won’t help and you don’t know where to turn. Talk to us today! With of 45 years of experience and family owned, you are going to get treated like family. We will review your circumstances, approach our vast network of Lenders and present options to you.

My credit score is poor:

Your bank won’t help you because your credit score is not good enough. Well, we believe in you and why wouldn’t we? Almost all of our clients have or have had a first mortgage with a bank. Obviously you were good enough once upon a time. We don’t judge and realize that some type of circumstance has and we’re here to help. When we close your mortgage we don’t say good-bye. We will work with you to rebuild your credit and try to help improve those credit scores.

I Don't Know if I qualify:

We utilize the equity in your property to arrange the refinancing. Guidelines are not based on traditional factors such as Income, Credit Rating and Job information. Our Lenders are interested in those factors long term but are most interested in the Equity and our financial recovery plan.

How can I repair my credit rating:

After we close you mortgage, we don’t say good-bye. We will work you to update your credit report and activate new credit. These tools will impact your credit score and help heal itself in due course.

Can GBK Help With Budgets, Insurance and Investments:

We have surrounded ourselves with a network of professionals to help our clients. As of our process we will work with you and correcting and improving. All aspects of your financial situation. Our Home and Auto Insurance Broker has saved our clients upwards of $1000.00 annually! Wouldn’t you like to start planning and saving for your retirement. We can help you.

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