5 Tips to Sell Your House in the Fall

Don’t get discouraged if your timeline didn’t allow you to sell your home or condo in the summer months. While the summer is the hottest time to sell, you don’t need to wait until next summer to sell. Fall is the second busiest time of year to sell your home. Children have returned to school, everyone is back from vacation and the holidays aren’t in full force yet. It’s actually a perfect time to sell your home!

We spoke to our top real estate agents and asked them for their top recommendations to help you sell your home in the fall.

Embrace all things fall

Start to create a cozy fall oasis the second when your potential buyers enter your home. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint in warming and inviting fall colours including luscious reds, or caramels with a pop of canary yellow or burnt oranges. Nothing else says fall like the sweet smells of cinnamon. Light your favourite cinnamon candle or put a pot of apple cider on the stove for buyers to enjoy while they walk around your home.

Turn on the lights

The fall is when the days begin to shorten and with buyers coming in the evening after work your home or condo may get dark very quickly. Invest in extra lighting if your space is feeling too dark, or simply open your blinds to allow as much natural light to enter. Make sure to turn on every light in your house including appliances and the TV.

Get cozy

Once the sun sets, temperatures can drop in the fall season. Make your home or condo as cozy as possible so your buyers can picture themselves living there right away. Include comfy and oversized blankets and pillows to give your space that extra warming feel.

Clean up

Leaves may start to fall in your yard as the fall season progresses. Make sure to keep an eye on your yard so the leaves don’t look unruly. You may also want to get some seasonal fall plants such as mums or pumpkins out front so there is an extra pop of colour from the curb. Don’t forget about your fireplace if you have one too! If you haven’t used your fireplace all season long, give it a good vacuum and wash it down so it’s clean for the new homeowners. If you have a gas fireplace, make sure to light it before your buyers arrive.

Check your HVAC

You don’t want to be turning on your furnace right before your potential homeowners walk through the door. You’ll want to make sure that it is running properly as most homeowners shopping in the fall will want to double check that it is working. You’ll also want to avoid and unpleasant odors when you first turn it on too. Change out the filter and hire an HVAC specialist to come over to make sure that it is in working order before hitting the market.

There you have it! Just a few simple steps will help prepare you to be able to sell your house fast in the fall.

Source: 5 Tips to Sell Your House in the Fall

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